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I've been using tactics for years!  Everybody tells me, "Oh, you don't have to worry about weight." That's only because I use tactics! LOL Otherwise - NOT TRUE!  I too suffer, both, the same "cravings" (of taste buds), and the same undesireable consequences. The trick IS shifting focus from taste buds to the Calories In = Calories Out equation! And, YES - I've used tactics for decades (successfully) - to help me manage this!
N.J.D., Author & Founder, Den Publishing Company.

  • LEAVE IT IN THE GROCERY STORE!  First, take care in what food you choose to bring into your home. Bring in too much and you'll be eating too much. Bring in temptation and you'll be tempted!!
  • AVOID CAFFEINE. It's been shown (and it's been my experience) that caffeine slows down your metabolism (which does not help you burn calories).
  • Be Careful - about how much fatty food you frequent in your diet. It has been shown (scientific study), that fatty foods trigger a chemical addition reaction in the brain.
  • KEEP ALL FOOD IN THE KITCHEN! Second, and probably the most important tactic is to keep all food in the kitchen! This will help keep you from "grazing" all day long (eg. don't have food at your desk - for instance). This will also help keep you from an "emotional attachment" to food.  In other words, just going to the kitchen to eat when you're hungry.
  • IGNORE THE CLOCK! Eat only when hungry & not when the clock tells you!
  • MAKE HUNGER AN ACQUANTANCE. No body really likes to be hungry. Let's face it - it's kind of an "empty" feeling, right? But, we also need to realize it is healthy and natural as well. Without hunger we wouldn't burn any fat calories. Think about the animal kingdom. LOL.  
  • USE YOUR ANALYTICAL SKILLS - to determine if your calories in from your last meal are greater than your calories out since then (you know!), and head for an appropriate sized meal now.
  • GRAB A SMALLER PLATE. You know you want to fill whatever plate you grab - for dinner particularly. So, don't start out with a plate you know will lead to too much on it!
  • TAKE THE RIGHT PORTION FOR CI=CO! Analyze and take only the right amount / portion. You know how much you need to balance calories in to calories out! Don't listen to your taste buds when taking a portion. 
  • 1/2 YOUR PORTION - realizing that our stomachs are/should be only the size of our fists.
  • Put away the rest of the food - before taking your first bite.
  • Walk away from the food prepping area, with your portion to the table - before taking your first bite.
  • EAT IN THE KITCHEN! Eat in the kitchen eating area - not in other rooms in the home. This "compartmentalizes" or shrinks the whole food concept.
  • BREATHES: it's been said that we eat because we're looking for "energy" - even if our calorie intake is up or high. So, instead try taking and holding a breath for 5 seconds to give yourself energy.  They tell me we're supposed to do this everyday, anyway!

 - -

  • Eat slowly, savoring every bite.
  • Put the fork down after you put the food in your mouth. [This gives your stomach time to tell your brain there is food in here and we don't need to eat a crazy amount.]
  • Be mindful (with each bite) - that you're not exceeding the CI=CO EQUATION.
  • LEAVE A BITE ON YOUR PLATE. It is amazing how well this one works. It's 1) not extremely wasteful, but 2) and more importantly it's a way of physically saying you've had enough to eat!
  • Save room for some dessert. And I'm not talking about, "there's always room for dessert". I'm talking about CI/CO room. 
  • PUSH IT. PUSH YOUR PLATE. This works well when someone else has put your portion on your plate, and in restaurants.
  • Remember your body is more important than any "waste" on your plate. In other words, it's better to let it waste on your plate than weight on your body.
  • Picture the next bite as fat/cellulite on a part of your body you don't want it.
  • SPIT IT OUT. I don't know what it is, but I find it works (re-focus my attention away from my taste buds). In fact, I've used what I call "stoppers" - a food that doesn't taste all that great (say, a dessert, like a low-fat candy). Put it in, chew it a bit and then when it doesn't taste good, spit it out. TRY IT. 
  • FOCUS. Remember to focus not on your taste buds, but on balancing calories in with calories out.
  • HEAD FOR CHEWING GUM! If you, for whatever reason, can't seem to change your focus, go ahead and head for gum - even if it's with sugar. Then find some fun, interesting even "guilty" pleasure OUTSIDE THE KITCHEN!
  • HEAD FOR EXERCISE, like a walk.
  • ALWAYS USE YOUR ANALYTICAL SKILLS. Your brain knows when you've had too much to eat, right down to the bite. So, don't waste that brain power!

 - -

  • BURN IT OFF! You know you ate too much. So, hop up, right away, and start burning it off - with activity.
  • FEAR NOT! OK - so you've over-eaten. Is all lost? Nope, you've got a couple things on your side. (1) time is on your side and (2) your 98-degreed body is actually on your side. How is this? Well, our body is burning a fair amount of calories just to keep warm, and delaying your next food in-take is where time pays off, allowing your body to burn those "extra" calories.  For instance, did you hit the "midnight munchies" too hard? Have a (~very) light and/or delayed breakfast (like flavored instant oatmeal) and maybe a delayed/lighter lunch as well.
  • FLEX. Flex muscles during everyday activities. You'd be surprised how many calories you can burn and how much muscle you can add by doing this.
  • Head for gum - even if it's not sugarless.
  • So you want dessert. No big deal. But, how much dessert do you really need? Have you ever noticed that after two or three bites that "wonderful" taste starts to diminish? Heed that - and eat less dessert.
  • Get on the tread mill for just 5 minutes. You'd be surprised how effective it is at combating "hunger". In fact, it does several things: (1) it re-focuses your attention away from food, (2) it actually raises your metabolism, slightly, which burns calories, and (3) it gives you an energy boost.    


P.S. Don't be afraid to "micro-manage" your 'kids' food. Child obesity rates are "off the charts" these day. In fact it's been said that this is the first generation who won't outlive (live longer) than their parents. While that's very sad - we can make a difference, DAILY!

DISCLAIMER: this web-page is not a substitute for medical supervision or a medically supervised diet. Users of this web-page agree to hold Den Publishing Company and its employees or officers harmless of any and all liability. Those who use the information on this web-page do so at their own risk. Users of this web-page should seek medical supervision before starting any diet.
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